Launching "desktop" software on the microcontroller

The talk covers the experience of open project Embox on launching on embedded systems, including microcontrollers such "desktop" applications and frameworks like PJSIP, Qt, Boost, OpenCV. STM32F746G-DISCO is used as the base platform, which has a microcontroller with a Cortex-M7 core, 1 MB of internal ROM, 32 kB on internal RAM, the board also has 15 MB qspi flash memory and 8 MB SDRAM.

The report is aimed at embedded systems developers and DIY enthusiasts.

Anton Bondarev

Anton Bondarev is the CEO of Embox, co-founder of the same-name open-source code project on creating RTOS for embedded systems.

After graduating from ETU "LETI" he was engaged in embedded systems and system software in medicine, measurement and telecommunication equipment. His interest for system programming was facilitated by a close relationship between the company and the Department of Software Engineering of Saint Petersburg State University. As each programmer dreamed to write his operating system, and an Embox project was a result.

Anton Bondarev Embox